Opera de Bauge UK charity

The charity exists to advance the education of young musicians and singers so that they have the opportunity to perform solos or roles in opera, through the provision of mentoring from experienced members of the profession and through the provision of a working holiday abroad resulting in the performance of three annual operas which are performed to advance the education of the public, in particular those in rural areas who would not normally have the opportunity to experience opera.  

Opéra de Baugé international festival in France
We work with an opera festival presented each summer in Baugé, France.  The festival is a showcase for young talent, most of it identified in the UK. 

We aim to be a bridge for young opera singers between finishing conservatoire and establishing a career; here they can make their debuts in new roles, thus developing their repertoire and stagecraft and being helped to break into the world of the major international opera houses.  

We also aim to support young orchestral players in developing their operatic repertoire and technical staff in learning their trades. 

Several singers have done outstandingly well after working with us.

The festival is managed entirely by volunteers and is a not-for-profit operation.  The musicians who come to Baugé work in secluded and beautiful country surroundings and are accommodated free of charge by local families.  They benefit greatly from working intensely together and developing friendships which will help them succeed in their subsequent careers.

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